Sunday, July 1, 2007

New PR Model

Today Laura released the new PR design. Her name is Galatea and is such a sparkly mermaid. I've only been working on her for 5 days and already have her half way done. Hopefully next week sometime I will have her done.

I'll write more later. Lot's of things have gone on this summer. But back to stitching on this beauty.


sugardoll said...

Dawn, what beautiful stitching. I just love her face. I am definately going to add her!! Yipeee!!!

Sam said...

I can see those sparklies! She's looking beautiful Dawn :o)

Dawn said...

She is beautiful! Great job:)

Lavender Rose said...

Great looking mermaid, Dawn, but then, your stitching is always so beautifully done! I don't know how on earth you do it...and so quickly, too. Can't wait to hear what else has been going on with your Summer. You've got to have another life, we just know you do!!

Nicola said...

She's absolutely stunning, Dawn! I'm totally in love with her and in awe of how fast you are stitching her up! How many hours a day are you averaging?

Looking forward to your next pic!