Tuesday, March 13, 2007

MLOTS done :)

My Lady of the Snow done on SW Enchantment - Passione Ricamo RL24
I got her done on 3/11/07 and how gorgeous she is all done. Another beautiful design Laura!!!! No I am working on my "Make a Wish" model and hope to be done with her in a couple of weeks. Of course I have had a sneek peek at the new design and I'm sure that you will all love her. She has taken my breath away.

I also worked on my Cirque des Circles for our Sunday PR BB SAL.
Cique Des Circles by Ink Circles 3-11-07 - PR BB SAL
I'm so amazed at how fast this is stitching up. Can't wait to get more done.

My Mom's house is coming along and we are just about done getting rid of all the trash and things that she no longer needs. I'm glad that we are going to be moving in with her as it will helps us all out in the long run. Still have to paint and clean the carpets before we move in. But at least we have time before the girls get out of school in May. My Dad's death was traggic, but also in some sense heaven sent. I know that God does things in mysterious ways, and this has definetly brought me and my family closer than we ever have before. I now treasure everything and take one day at a time. My Dad will always be with us in our heart and soul. And everytime I see a wolf, I will know that it is him watching over us.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Things are getting better :)

Since my father's death, things are getting better. We still have a few things to finalize and try to get back to as normal as we can be.

I did have a finish on Friday, Hinzeit's "Wine" done on SW's Mountain Mist.

I have also started my Monochrome SAL on the PR BB. I decided to do Ink Circles "Cirque des Circles"
3-4-07 Cirque des Circles on SW Ice Blue Reflections with VC Silk Grapevine - PR BB SAL
I'm doing it on SW's Ice Blue Reflections (picture does not do it justice, it's actually more purple) with VC "Grapevine" premium silk. I am absolutely loving the way it is coming out. And I have to say this is my very first pattern using nothing but silks.