Friday, July 6, 2007

Galetea PR Model Done :)

Just got done finishing her today. She is so sparkly and takes my breath away when I see her. I'm really amazed that she only took me 10 days to finish her. This is the fastest that I have ever done a model, OMG!!! Kudos to Laura for this beautiful design!!!!


Dawn said...

She is stunning!!

Little Grey Cat said...

Wow! She's beautiful! Your needles must have been smoking to get her finished in 10 days :o)

Sam said...

She's truly lovely Dawn - congratulations! Will you be stitching this one for yourself & if so, what fabric will you choose?

Lavender Rose said...

Dawn, We should name you,
"She Who's Needles Spin All Night!" You really took this one by storm! I have to say, she's lovely, but not as beautiful as the last one of PR's. You are so fabulous to create them as they're designed.

Jamie said...

Beautiful Dawn! See you at CATS!