Thursday, January 25, 2007

Very Successful Day :)

Today I finished my secret PR model. Then started My Lady of the Snow PR model. She is so pretty and the owl she is holding is just precious. I can see that I am going to have a hard time putting her down everyday. She is just that addicting!!!! I can't wait to see what Laura's next design will be. Her designs are just more and more beautiful every time.

Monday, January 15, 2007

An Interesting Day

Today was just a normal day. I did laundry, stitched on my model and talked with my dear friend Angi. My husband was at the vineyard helping with all the pruning of the vines. My girls played and had a great time with each other.

Then later today I saw a couple of fairies looking in from my kitchen window. I know it sounds wierd and maybe I'm crazy, but they were there just watching me. I can still see them vividly and laugh everytime that they move around. I wish that I could draw them on a piece of paper. But unfortuneately I can't draw worth a damn. They both remind me of when my girls play and are so happy together. Maybe this was a vision that I am sharing with my dear Laura and just don't know it. Laura and I have this wonderful ability to read, share and know what's on each other's mind without talking to each other. She is my soul sister and I am proud of this!!!!

So I know that there are fairies amoung us. We just have to look around and see them. :)

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Not a good day

Today I woke up with a major migraine and could barely do anything. I fell back to sleep and was woken up by a phone call from my doctor. I had an appointment this morning that I slept through. I felt so bad and angry at my self. But I felt better after talking with my dear friend Angi today. She has a special way to pick me up when I am down. It's always great to hear her voice and talk about stitching and other things.

I did work more today on my PR model that will be released later this year. She is really pretty and I can't wait to see her finished. I have other models to stitch, but she is priority right now. I am so happy that everyone loves Laura's new design "My Lady of the Snow". Laura has really out done herself with this beauty!!! The colors are perfect and the fabric compliments her so well. I really can't wait to stitch this one up. I'm in love!!!!!!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Sunday - January 7,2007

Today I decided that I wanted to start my very own blog. I have been reading several of my friends and thought it was time. I'm new to this, so please be patient with me.

Most of my friends know me as Passione Ricamo's model stitcher. I met Laura on Ebay over two years ago. She just happened to buy an Oriental finished cross stitch from me. She then asked if I would be interested in doing some model work for her. I of course said yes and now our friendship is magical. She calls me her "Fairy Angel", as I am always with her in soul and spirit. It's funny to say, but we are more like long lost sisters. She is my treasure!!!!

It's always fun when new designs come out. Everyone always ask me what the new one will be. Well yesterday, I got the new design called "MyLady of the Snow". Which should be released later this month. She is really beautiful and I can't wait to start her. But right now I am working on another model that will be released later this year. So my needle is smokin'.