Tuesday, October 2, 2007

CATS 2007

Well I'm back from the last CATS show. And boy did we all have a blast!!! I flew out to Harrisburg, PA on Wednesday Sept 26th. When I got to Harrisburg I fell and broke my nose and sprained my right leg again at the airport. What a way to be welcomed to PA, LOL!!!! But I am okay and walking. I checked into the Sheraton and had a wonderful dinner, Chicken Quesadillas and a Hugs & Kisses Cake. YUMMMMMMMMM!!!!!

That night I went to sleep and was woken up by dear friend Angi and her DD Tori.

It was so nice to finally meet my wonderful friend that I met online last year!!!!!
On Thursday, Angi and I checked out of the Sheraton. I checked into the Hershey Lodge while Angi went to see her family. Our room was not ready, so I had them hold my luggage for me while I waited for my other friend Jamie.
Isn't she cute with the York Peppermint Pattie???
Jamie showed up and we sat and talked for some time until Angi got there. We all got our registrations for the CATS show and did a little shopping. Once our room was ready we all went up and relaxed for a little while. Then we went to Applebee's for dinner. After dinner we went back to our hotel and did some stitching. Here's Jamie concentrating.

Thursday was our big shopping day and I bought so much. But there's never enougt stash for anyone IMO. LOL!!!!!
I met the owner and designer of the SweetHeart Tree and of course lots of their patterns. I also met Marilyn and Patty from Picture this Plus.

They were both so nice and fun to talk with. I'm sure that they wanted to kick me out, as I was talking with them everyday of the show. I also talked with Marilyn about sending our dear Laura a swatch book of her lugana fabics including their new colors for next year. I hope that Laura loves them as much as I do. Of course I got some and patterns. I also met Liz Turner Diehl and her designs are amazing!!!! Angi got some of her designs. I met Brenda Kocher and she signed my pattern that I bought from her. She is such a nice lady and I love her designs. I also saw Nan of Just Nan and Jo from Dinky Dyes. Lots of shops were their too. I also met our dear Wendy from the PR board. She was wonderful to talk with.
All the displays were so lovely and they definetly encourage stash buying. Here are some pics from the show:

Oh I also met Angi's best friend Crystal and her Godson Christopher.

Isn't he a cutie!!!! Crystal is such a sweetie too. We all got along so well for none of us ever meeting each other. We also went to the Hershey Bears hockey game. I had a blast!!!!!!!!!! I haven't been to an actual hockey game for over 10 years and boy do I miss it. Of course there were some punches thrown as you can see.

The Hershey Bears won and everyone in Hershey was so excited!!!!
I left Sunday afternoon and got back around 8:30pm my time. I was so tired that my DH had to help me into the car and the house. I'm doing much better now and relaxing to let my right leg heal. I also started yesterday a new PR model for "The Gift of Stitching" magazine. It will be released next year when they do a designer exclusive on Laura. It's really cute and not a typical Passione Ricamo. I'll let you all know which month it will be in later. LOL!!!!

Thank you to all my wonderful friends that read this long post. Happy Stitching!!!!!


Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Love the pictures and the tour. I used to go to the TNNA Conventions (The National Needlework Assn.) when I had my needlework online shop. So much fun..and so much eye candy. I miss it. One of these days I'm going to be with you at CATS!
Thanks for taking me there in your pictures.

sugardoll said...

The first picture was drool-worthy..Nummy! Nummy!!

Love the pictures. I'm so happy you had fun. You deserve it! =^-^=